Stamp out the Ivory Trade

                              STAMP out the Ivory Trade
                              46 cent stamp to Save the Life of an Elephant
                              [stomp out the ivory trade with a stamp]
Elefence has launched an old-fashioned "mail-in-with-a-stamp" people power campaign to the Embassy of China in Washington, D.C. -- to shame China for continuing to fuel the ivory trade. The purpose is to pressure China to close down all ivory carving shops in their country. Without the carvers, there can be no new trade in ivory. The more letters, the more pressure.
What do I have to do to help save an elephant?    Only 3 easy steps.....
1.  Download Elefence's letter to the Embassy and sign it.  [like John Hancock did on the Declaration of Independence!]
2.  Put it in an envelope and address to the Embassy of China; Washington, D.C.
3.  Place a 46-cent stamp on the envelope and drop in a mail box.