ELEFENCE International, a Cleveland based USA tax exempt charity, partners with African based charities to resolve human-wildlife conflicts where people live close to elephants, lions, and buffaloes. ELEFENCE has a track record of supporting anti-poaching rangers, helping rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wild animals, installing solar wells at waterholes for elephants, and wells in Mambanje village bordering Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.   

Mambanje's 1200 impoverished people (they eat only one meal a day) live at ground zero for dangerous human-wildlife conflicts. The children rise every morning at 4:00AM ! Then they walk 7 miles in the darkness on bush tracks frequented by elephants and lions to reach a distant high school. Recently a boy was killed by a lion. Although Mambanje has a primary school, it has no high school in the village. Consequently, most students drop out after grade 7 as they are too frightened to walk the paths to the distant high school. ELEFENCE is now working to try to solve that problem by raising money to build a satellite high school in Mambanje village itself. ELEFENCE urgently needs funds for food for the volunteer laborers to begin to build the school.

ELEFENCE works closely with its Zimbabwe-based partner, African Bush Camps Foundation [ABCF], which delivers all food and supplies from the Zimbabwe town of Bulawayo. ELEFENCE and ABCF continue to feed the Mambanje children with a full nourishing meal every day at the primary school. They were once undersized for their age because of malnutrition. However, the food programs are making remarkable progress to improve the children's health -- especially crucial during a child's growing years.

All food for the workers will also be supplied directly from Bulawayo via ABCF. Education is a key part of raising the village people out of poverty. The Mambanje Satellite High School will prepare the students for future business opportunities -- especially for employment in Zimbabwe's fast growing wildlife tourism industry. I urge you to contribute to this vital project and you may do so by making checks out to:


Elefence International, Inc.

20620 Eastwood Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44126

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Watch the video below to see what these children endure to trek to the distant high school: